Treatment/medical eye conditions:

Dr Guario has done extensive training and specializes in ocular and systemic diseases that affect the eye. The use of advanced technology enables Dr Guario to gather information to diagnose and treat eye conditions and provide patients treatment options.
All eyes optical provides a variety of services for patients with medical eye conditions including:

    • Dry Eye — Insertion of Punctual plugs and specific eye drops
    • Glaucoma
    • Eye injuries or Emergencies
    • Keratoconus or any corneal issues
    • Allergies
    • Pink eye
    • Macular degeneration
    • Retinal problems from Diabetes or Hypertension
    • Pre and Post operative care of :

1) Cataract surgery
2) LASIK surgery
3) Glaucoma surgery
4) Lid surgery

  • Removal of corneal foreign body ( such as metal , rust or any debri )
  • Removal or epilation of lashes
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